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Class Actions & Mass Actions

Class actions and mass torts are some of the most complex legal proceedings in the country. In a class action, a group of people who have suffered similar harm are represented by a member of that group to sue another entity, usually a large corporation, on a class wide basis. Usually the amount of damage to each person is small, making the case difficult to bring on an individual basis. However, by banding together, these individuals can pool their resources to prevent corporations from taking advantage of others on a widespread basis. These cases often involve consumer fraud or defective products. With mass tort litigation, each plaintiff, even though hundreds or thousands of people may have been affected, retains his or her own individual lawsuit. These lawsuits typically involve defective medical devices or pharmaceuticals.

The attorneys at Walston Bowlin have represented clients involved in class actions as both plaintiffs and defendants. From defending industry giants, such as FedEx to representing a federally certified class of purchasers of immigration bonds related to the charging of illegal and outrageous rates, the firm’s attorneys have a breadth of experience in the class arena. In 2010 and again in 2016, Cliff Walston was asked to author a chapter in the American Bar Association’s premier publication, A Practitioner’s Guide to Class Actions. Currently, the firm is evaluating a potential consumer class action against one the country’s largest home furniture companies for deceptive pricing policies. Walston Bowlin is proud to represent classes of plaintiffs, individuals, public companies, government entities, and private organizations in state and federal class action litigation cases across the country. Contact us today to learn more

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