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How We OperateHow We Operate

Our Commitment to You.

Although litigation is our profession, we realize that being in a lawsuit is the last place most of our clients want to be. That’s why we run our practice with a few simple principals in mind.

First, we are personally invested in our cases, and we build lasting personal relationships with our clients. It’s often through these efforts that we are able to develop creative and unconventional resolutions to complex matters. Too many lawyers fail to understand their client’s goals early enough in the dispute to stay one step ahead of the opposition. Our belief is that the better we know you, your business, and your objectives, the better service we can provide.

Second, communication is key. Clients must be kept informed and understand what is happening in their case. Too many lawyers disappear on their clients for months at a time, leaving them wondering what, if anything, is going on. We return all phone calls in 24 hours, and we check in with you on a regular basis.

Third, your goals are our goals. We never forget that this is your case, not ours. Many firms treat their clients and cases as though they belong to the firm. Don’t get us wrong, we certainly internalize the challenges you are facing and aggressively advocate on your behalf, fighting your battles for you. But we do this so you can focus on running your business or recovering from your injuries. We never forget that you are the ultimate decision maker in your case, and we are here to serve you.

That is our commitment to you.

Creative Fee Arrangements Are Our Specialty

One of the hallmarks of our firm is a desire to create fee arrangements that make sense for our clients, based on the particular facts and circumstances of the case, regardless of which side of the docket we are on.

Too many firms offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but we realize that every client, case, and situation is unique. Although we certainly handle litigation matters on traditional hourly or contingency fee arrangements, we also offer a more creative approach. We have handled matters on flat fee and monthly retainer arrangements that provide budgeting certainty for the client. We also handle matters on hybrid fee agreements involving a reduced hourly component and a smaller contingency fee, which allows the firm to share the risks and rewards with our clients.

At the end of the day, our goal is to provide superior legal services at a value that surpasses our client’s expectations. We believe in our clients, our cases, and our talents, and our fee arrangements reflect this approach.


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