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One of the hallmarks of our firm is a desire to create fee arrangements that make sense for our clients, based on the particular facts and circumstances of the case, regardless of which side of the docket we are on. Working with our clients to develop a fee arrangement that makes sense for everyone involved is our first priority, ensuring the best outcome possible.

FEC Insurance Litigation

Walston Bowlin is using power in numbers to help change how the insurance industry treats free-standing emergency care facilities. Insurance companies are refusing to pay valid claims or refusing to pay the full amount as required by the law. Emergency care facilities that partner with us will be eligible to recover unpaid claims and legal penalty amounts.

Current Flood Litigation

Many residents of Sweeny, Texas were affected when international Petroleum giants Phillips 66, Chevron Phillips LLC, and Chevron Phillips LP choose to dam the Linnville Bayous to protect their multi-billion-dollar investment in the Sweeny Refinery - causing massive flooding and multiple alleged chemical spills. Walston Bowlin is proud to represent over 300 homeowners and business owners.

Our Practice Specialties
Walston Bowlin represents injured businesses and individuals in all forms of litigation and arbitrations. With over 30 years of combined litigation experience, we share a commitment to winning on behalf of our clients. Too many lawyers hedge and talk about getting “good results” for their clients. At the end of the day, we understand that, for our clients, winning is the only thing that matters.
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Many businesses turn to large law firms because they are unaware that better alternatives exist. We know how to efficiently handle complex commercial disputes, “bet-the-company” type litigation, and serious personal injury and wrongful death matters.

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Latest News
11 / September

Types of Damages In Personal Injury Cases

While insurance settlements and workers’ compensation can help compensate victims after an accident, neither of these can completely cover the full cost of the injury. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, victims can seek to recover more types of damages than if they relied on insurance or workers’ compensation alone.

07 / September

Material vs. Non-Material Breaches of Contract

Under Texas law, there are four elements of a breach of contract claim: 1) the existence of a valid contract; 2) the attempt by the plaintiff to abide by the contract; 3) the breach by the defendant; and 4) damages sustained by the plaintiff as a result of that breach.

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