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Free Standing Emergency Medical Care Facilities (“FECs”) provide an invaluable service to their customers, often providing medical care in life or death situations. These facilities provide unparalleled convenience for timely and efficient emergency care to patients. However, insurance companies are jeopardizing this relationship by arbitrarily refusing to pay valid claims or by refusing to pay the full amount of the claim as required by the law.

What’s The Problem?

FECs are under attack. Insurance companies are refusing to follow the law and reimburse clean claims as required. As a result, patients who visit emergency care centers are often surprised with hefty medical bills. This dilemma is created by the health insurance companies’ refusal to cover and reimburse appropriate expenses related to the visit. Patients are understandably outraged at the unexpected bills but wrongfully believe the emergent care center is to blame.

Emergency Care Centers Are
Caught In The Middle

FECs are being put in a precarious situation. When patients inquire about the cost of medical treatment, FECs often cannot reasonably provide an accurate answer because they cannot predict what a health insurance company will reimburse. FECs are required to be reimbursed in accordance with the law, and the law is specific about what reimbursement must be made. Despite what the law requires, the health insurance companies are simply ignore it. Unfortunately, the health insurance companies’ behavior can create the perception that emergency care facilities are not being transparent and honest in their billing practices, which can hurt the facility’s reputation and overall business.


How Walston Bowlin Can Help


We pool together all potential plaintiffs, including ERs, facilities, doctors, billing departments, coding departments, etc.


Our firm will pursue compensation on behalf of the group of plaintiffs.


Walston Bowlin will file multiple lawsuits against each insurance company.


For our clients, there is no upfront cost. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you won’t owe us anything unless we recover financial compensation on your behalf.

Power In Numbers

Walston Bowlin is using power in numbers to help change how the insurance industry treats emergency care facilities. Emergency care facilities that partner with us will be eligible to recover unpaid claims and legal penalty amounts.

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